This is the fourth post in a series on the collaboration between psychiatrist and clinical lecturer Dominic Ffytche and artist Tamiko Thiel in creating an augmented reality installation around the visual perception disorder of palinopsia.


Tamiko recently returned to London, this time to develop provisional augments and explore them in situ with Dominic and AXNS.


Standing in Kings College Guys Campus we explored three different spots facing up at the Shard and the environment around us through smart devices. Tamiko presented us with two augments of palinoptic symptions: polyopia (an illusion in which one object is perceived as many images and illusionary visual spread (where objects take on the texture and colours of adjacent objects.).


Tamiko & Dominic discussed whether it was best to show different palinoptic symptons sequentially, or in parallel to give an experience which is both immersive but not overly complex to the viewer.


One interesting aspect to discuss was the weather – what kind of backdrop will these augments be given? Bizarrely, all of Tamiko’s visits have coincided with blazing sunshine; wonderful as a visiting artist but not so helpful when trying to programme in the unpredictable British weather! AXNS will be revising the site to screen-grab the augments in the different weather conditions in the coming month.


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