From 17th January to 28th February 2015 AXNS  presented ‘Sculpting Motion: The Fickle Screen’, a solo exhibition from Madi Boyd at Gerald Moore Gallery from 17th January to 28th February 2015.

Sculpting Motion: The Fickle Screen was a solo exhibition by installation artist Madi Boyd. Boyd’s work is primarily digital moving image installation, a practice she developed out of an interest in the interaction between built space, moving image and the human perceptual system. The exhibition presented two installations: The Point of Perception (2009) and her latest piece, Projected Distortions.


The Point of Perception

The Point of Perception is a collaborative project with neuroscientists Professor Mark Lythgoe and Dr Beau Lotto. The work explores ambiguity in perception and the perceptual emergence of form in moving image installation. Sound was created specially for the work by composer Nye Parry.

Boyd gained Wellcome Trust and Arts Council funding and led the project culminating in the installation ‘The Point of Perception’ (2009-13), which has since been exhibited at eight public venues in Britain and Europe, including The Science Museum. Another version of the work is currently touring the USA and Canada and will travel to Malaysia in 2015-16.

Projected Distortions

This is a multi-sensory projection installation, which forms part of a collaborative project, entitled The Fickle Screen. It is a collaboration with an experimental psychologist at Royal Holloway University, Dr Polly Dalton, who is conducting fascinating cutting edge research into cross-modal perception and attention – i.e. how what we experience in one sense will affect how we perceive something in another sense. Projected Distortions focuses on the influence of tactility and body position / posture on visual processing. This is a particularly under-researched area in both the sciences and arts, but one that genuinely straddles both disciplines, and has the potential to reveal original and novel insights.

The installation was first exhibited at Kinetica Art Fair 2014.

projective distortion close upjpg  projective distortion 7

Interview from BBC at Kinetica Art Fair

Documentation of The Point of Perception at ArtLaboratory Berlin from Madi Boyd on Vimeo.

About Madi Boyd

“Since graduating in Fine Art Sculpture from The Slade (UCL), 2005, I have exhibited nationally and internationally my installations and short film works, including at The Science Museum, London (2011-12), Kinetica (2011,12, 13), the BFI (2010), and as a Transmediale satellite show at Art Laboratory Berlin (2013). Most recently (2013), my work was selected for an exhibition at The Science Gallery, Dublin, curated by Professor Richard Wiseman. This show is currently touring the USA and Canada during 2014/15. My 3D holographic films have been screened worldwide, at public and private events including the Vancouver Winter Olympics, and will be screened through out 2014/15 in Macau, China.

My work is primarily moving image installation, a practice I developed around the interaction between built space, moving image and the human perceptual system. I have collaborated with neuro-scientists from UCL (Prof Mark Lythogoe and Dr Beau Lotto), and am currently collaborating with an experimental cognitive psychologist (Dr Polly Dalton from Royal Holloway). Through this collaboration I aim to explore how the experience of moving image can be modulated by multi-sensory cues, particularly in relation to touch and to body posture. This will involve research into cross-modal attention and perception, and, for me, elucidates film and aesthetic theory, and widens my own aesthetic language. I find the fusion of film and sculptural environment is an incredibly compelling way to develop new immersive experiences.”

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