‘Indeed we may consider the engine as the material and mechanical representative of analysis.’’
– Ada Lovelace, ‘Notes upon L. F. Menabrea’s Sketch of the Analytical Engine Invented by Charles Babbage

On the surface Ada Lovelace’s parents had contrasting interests. Lord Byron was poetical and dramatic, while Lady Byron was scientific and rational. But are the arts and the sciences really so different?

Hosted by the AXNS as part of the Science Museum’s Ada Lovelace exhibition, Material and Mechanical brings scientists and artists together in a conversation about the perceived tensions between the two fields. The evening features a discussion between neuroscientist Dr Caroline Di Bernardi Luft and artist Heather Barnett.

By examining some curious inventions (such as the amphibious bicycle above), we’ll also explore how design and science can solve real-life problems in unexpected ways.


Friday 30 October, 19.00–21.00
Entry is free, but please book your place in advance.

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