AXNS is pleased to announce we will be collaborating with The London Students’ Neuroscience Network (LSNeuroN) in a symposia focusing on the intersection of art, neuroscience & society as part of the London Students’ Neuroscience Conference, the largest-ever neuroscience conference by students, for students.

On Sunday 7th February 2016 at Imperial College London, South Kensington Campus. AXNS Collective with LSNeuroN will present ‘Art, Neuroscience and Society’.

Art and design are distinctly human practices, the products of that mystifying thing we call ‘creativity’. Exploring them within the context of brain function draws us closer to understanding what it means to be human. This session looks at intersections in art/design and neuroscience from three perspectives, for each of which interdisciplinary approaches are essential. Neuroscientist Caroline Di Bernardi Luft attempts to understand the underlying brain mechanisms behind arts in her research into the neuroscience of creativity. Artist Garry Kennard draws on neuroscience in his artistic and theoretical practice. In this session he will explore the development of modern consciousness alongside that of art and religion. Finally, architect Fiona Zisch applies cognitive neuroscience to design, investigating how the external environment relates to our internal experience of space. Join AXNS Collective as we raise questions about what creativity is, how it develops and adapts to societal factors and how neuroscience and art come together in practice?


The conference will take place on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th February 2016 at Imperial College in South Kensington.
Tickets for the Sunday Symposium and the full weekend can be purchased here

For full information on the conference, click here.


Speakers include:

Gary Kennard

Garry Kennard is a painter, writer and founding director of Art and Mind. His paintings are in many private collections in UK, France and the United States, and in the collection of Clare Hall, Cambridge University. A fascination with how the brain reacts to works of art has lead him to research, write and lecture on these topics. With Rita Carter and Annabel Huxley he devised and directed the unique Art and Mind Festivals which attracted leading artists and scientists to explore what light the brain sciences can throw on contemporary culture. In 2013 GV Art published a book of his writing and paintings called ‘Essays and Images’. Kennard has an interest in mountaineering and has climbed in the Alps and Africa, as well as leading his own expeditions to the Nepalese Himalayas.

Caroline de Bernardi Luft

Caroline is Lecturer of Psychology at Queen Mary University and a Postdoctoral Research Fellow working at Goldsmiths, in the CReativity Enhancement through Advanced brain Mapping and stimulation – CREAM – project with Michael and Professor Joydeep Bhattacharya (

Fiona Zisch

Fiona is working on a transdisciplinary PhD at UCL, bringing together architecture and cognitive neuroscience. She is composing a theoretical frame of reference of the correlation of cognitive experience and architectural space. She is doing her PhD by design and runs practical experiments to test the theoretical framework. Fiona also works as a lecturer at the University of Westminster, the University of Innsbruck, and the Bartlett School of Architecture.



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