Blog Post by Carl Golembeski, a participant in Sines

I recently had the pleasure of being accepted as a sound artist for Sines: An LSD Brainwave Sound Art Hackathon. When I applied I had no idea just how miraculous this engagement would be. I headed from NYC to London, well prepared with all kinds of sonically engaging electronic music boxes ready to plug away with my neuroscience cohort.

I arrived at the Somerset house for our first day and there was such a diverse group of individuals. Backgrounds and disciplines ranging from Berghain to Bergson.

It was actually a microcosmic Elan Vitale of sorts… a spontaneous morphogenesis of self organizing systems working in complex manners driven by a “vital impetus” which can be directly equated to LSD and the interconnected nature of the creative force itself. It’s that which drove all these individuals to gather in this room for two days of co-creation.

We mingled and chatted and then settled into 5 groups. We had talks by the team of neuroscientists at Imperial College London, who shared their discoveries with us throughout our creative exploration. Sharing perspectives on what is possible from our varied disciplines helped to better engage and inspire us all.

I want to try to convey something that was really moving to me, and that is the level of compassion and care that these scientists speak with. They mentioned how quality of life and well being was important to them. They were not doing this for just data on paper. They also reiterated many times their willingness to share these beautiful discoveries in dynamic and creative ways, ones that reflect the vibrant nature of the research.

These people were speaking from their heart. They were being driven by a force that had been dormant in the public eye because of a fifty-plus-year narrative that is based on fear, control and power. They are part of a deeply interconnected movement of human beings willing to change perspectives for the greater good and undermine hierarchical power structures.

Gatherings like these tend to show an interesting cross-section of humanity. You have some from the ‘60s and ‘70s who were part of the first wave of the large psychedelic movement. Then you have the rave and gen x people who are now 30–40. And finally a group of those in their 20’s who take the life experiences of older generations and explore them through different forms and media, whether their expertise is neuroscience, psychology, biology, sound, visual arts, computer science, programming, event planning, filmmaking, medical instrument building, or even textile design. We honestly had a representative of each form, sharing not only hackspace but also heartspace.

Come Sunday we were already a temporary autonomous community. We were deep into our little group happenings, many of the participants finalizing their visions and some just getting started. We raced against the clock till our 3pm deadline when Rachel wrangled us in like kids on recess at school as time was up! We broke down the room and made it into our performance space, awaiting our patrons, guests and audience to arrive.

Around 6pm the doors opened and the convergence began…

The performances were such a diverse expression of art forms all having their own unique signature: Voodoo dance, cymatics, modern dance music, music for interactive play, and altered states as well.

There was an excitement of uncertainty in the air, familiar from many spaces I’ve felt before. One that opens possibilities into the abyss of transition between cause and effect. One where we don’t quite know where we are headed but something inside suggests it will be quite a yummy journey 😉 The performances started to take shape. Taking a break to mingle and talk after the first two performances, we then went further into our journey with the last sets. The audience was quite captivated and engaged the whole evening. Every performance seemed to erupt with cheers.

Many new connections were made. Relationships that I’m sure will be long standing.

After the concert we couldn’t leave each other so soon. We wandered to a nearby London pub where we shared stories and ideas about to maintain this synthesis of beings.

I can’t help but feel that this was more of a handshake of sorts. A remembering and reconnecting of souls emerging like the imagination cells in the butterfly. They seem to have a guidance that works within them. Unconsciously bringing us together in service of our transformation. And it seems there are many of us all over the world longing for that connection, re-remembering everything we already know for the first time again.

This is really a wonderful pool of humanity to be fishing from and it’s an exciting time for the history of psychedelics. A time where spirituality, technology, art and science are merging. Information is not kept secret, rather it’s being abundantly shared and the boundaries between all of these disciplines are being explored in radical ways where the outcome can’t quite be predicted. Our sense of otherness is dissolved. The way the psychedelic community has grown and held together for so long is just pure grace. I’d like to describe grace here as an energetic quality that moves through each individual infecting them with a sense of oneness and a remembering of a familiar interconnectedness that seems to be so satiating to the human being.

I truly look forward to this contemporary approach to psychedelics. I honor those on the path to give these molecules the chance they deserve. I thank all of those who are coming out of the psychedelic closet. Lets usher in the future we imagine.


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