Can brain damage spark creativity? What is the role of memory in art? Is it right to categorise people by their conditions? Which aspects of an artist’s skill are affected by dementia, and which ones are preserved? These are just some of the questions that ANXS Collective investigated through Affecting Perception: Art & Neuroscience, a project showcasing leading artists affected by conditions of the brain and inspired by recent discoveries in neuroscience.

Examining these artists together for the first time, Affecting Perception looked at the connection between art and the mind, focusing on neurological change and changes in visual perception, unlike other projects of its kind which traditionally look at themes of mental illness.

The exhibition ran in parallel with workshops in local schools and a free seminar series featuring high profile neuroscientists and the exhibiting artists discussing the themes of the exhibition. Speakers included Professor Charles Spence from The University of Oxford who explored visual perception, and artist Jon Sarkin who discussed his experiences following a major stroke.


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