Fractured Visions: To See Again

Fractured Visions: To See Again

Kings College London, Guy’s Campus

25th September  – 30th October 2014

A part of Merge Festival

Outside Guy’s Chapel and Great Maze Pond

Fractured Visions is an Augmented Reality installation by artist Tamiko Thiel and psychiatrist Dominic ffytche from the KCL Institute of Psychiatry.

Together they have created a freely accessible digital, mobile installation, located on the KCL Guy’s campus by London Bridge, depicting the effects of a visual perceptual disorder called palinopsia. A symptom of neurological dysfunction, palinopsia causes images to repeat and perseverate across the visual field.  Accompanying the installation, is a digital catalogue, an on-line film and blog.

To see the installation you will need a smartphone or tablet and the Layar Augmented Reality app.

FREE tours of the installation: Wednesdays and Saturdays at 5pm and 5.30pm. Book using the Eventbrite calendar to the right. 

1. Get Layar

Get Layar logo


Once downloaded, return to this page to view the augments.

2. Stand at Guy’s Chapel, St Thomas’s Street

Guy's Chapel


3. View Multiplicities


Stand in front of Guy’s Chapel in St. Thomas Street car park.
Face the Shard.

Inspired by “polyopia,” staring at The Shard or Guy’s Tower will provoke multiple images to appear.

Return to this page to view the next augment. 

4. Walk to Great Maze Pond
 Great Maze Pond location
5. View Diffusions

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 00.31.50

 Stand on Great Maze Pond, beside the blue sign shown below.
Face the side of Guy’s Tower.

Inspired by “illusory visual spread,” staring at first one building and then another will cause the facades to spread to neighbouring buildings.


6. Download the catalogue


Fractured Visions Catalogue

Fractured Visions Catalogue

7. Tell us what you think


The Artist and Scientist: Find out more

Dr. Dominic ffytche

Dominic ffytche

Tamiko Thiel

Tamiko Thiel

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